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Posted by Todd Kinkade on


As a small foreign business trying to service the U.K. and Europe, we have been struggling with BREXIT and what it means for us. We have searched for alternative warehouse (and 3rd Party Warehouse) solutions but, due to the continued BREXIT uncertainty, have not been able to find a viable solution that services all of our European markets. So, for now, we plan to "pause" our local operations in a few months. Our warehouse in Rye, U.K. will cease operations in the near future. We are working on developing a cost effective solution to support European/UK orders from our US warehouse. We apologize to our long-term customers.

​US Wholesale program for qualified Retailers

US Wholesale program for qualified RetailersTABLEWAR® offers a Wholesale program for qualified retailers with discounts below MSRP.We require no minimum order but do provide free shipping within the continental US. for wholesale orders of $300 or greater.Contact us at for more details, to set up an account, and to make your first order.*TABLEWAR is [...]

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The F.A.T. Mat Testimonials

“The F.A.T. mats have been absolutely awesome for our battle reports. They have allowed us to field a variety of terrain without having to build large bulky boards that end up taking up too much space. The quality is great. They look great, they’re durable, and they pack up small, which is awesome for our [...]

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UK & EU Store for The F.A.T. Mats up and running!

Our UK & EU Store is up and running! www.TABLEWAR.UK or www.TABLEWAR.EU

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TABLEWAR Army Showcase - Eldar

Todd shows off his Eldar in a Blue MKIII Full-size Tower CaseUsed this case and army for the 2016 LVO 'Narrative Event'Check out how the Knight is built so that it can split,into two parts and save height/space in the caseOrks in the Red MkI: in a Black MKI from Reece at Frontline Gaming [...]

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TABLEWAR Army Showcase - Imperial Knights, Cult Mechanicus, & Skitarii from Del Ilaban

From Kona, Hawaii, Del shared some of his beautiful models inside one of his many TABLEWAR(TM) CasesTABLEWAR(TM) Army Showcase Series: Orks in the Red MkI: in a Black MKI from Reece at Frontline Gaming Imperial Knights, Cult Mechanicus, & Skitarii soon... Eldar? Blood Angels?

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TABLEWAR Army Showcase - Necrons

Marc's Necrons in a full-size tower!TABLEWAR(TM) Army Showcase Series: Orks in the Red MkI: in a Black MKI from Reece at Frontline Gaming

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Les from does TABLEWAR(tm) Diorama Washers - a Step-by-step How To Video

  Les Bursley from provides a great how-to video for making a custom unit tray using the TABLEWAR(TM) Diorama Washers...Check it out!

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Skimmer How-to Demonstration for TABLEWAR(TM) Unit Trays

Warboss Dugg shows us how to use the TABLEWAR(TM) Unit Trays with Skimmer Bases Models pictured are for demonstration and size comparison only. They are the personal property of TABLE WAR DESIGNS, INC employees and are not included with the purchase of this tray. The fit of the models are not endorsed or affiliated with Games Workshop [...]

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TABLEWAR(TM) How-To Video - Glueing Rare Earth Magnets Easily & Properly

Warboss Dugg shows us the best way to ensure your Rare Earth Magnets stay where they are supposed to... connected to your bases...

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