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TABLEWAR(TM) Army Showcase - Orks

Warboss Dugg kicks off our TABLEWAR(TM) Army Showcase with his "ringer" Ork list in the Red MkI Full-size Tower Diamond Case... with the cup-holders, of course.  

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Les from does TABLEWAR(tm) Unit Trays - a Step-by-step How To Video

Les Bursley ( shows us the way... Here is the link to the video how-to. Thanks Les!

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Diorama Washers - a Step-by-step How To Guide

NEW from TABLEWAR(TM)... Diorama Washers* give hobbiests and game players a new way to customize the look of their hobby miniaturs and models. Simply combine any number of the many sizes and shapes TABLE WAR DESIGNS offers of its Diorama Washers with your Unit Trays or Diorama Trays to get the perfect arrangement of your [...]

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