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GEO Mats™

Coming soon....Pre-Orders! Pre-Orders! Pre-Orders!



We love the gaming industry and, even more, we love bringing innovative products to improve the gaming experience; the GEO Mats are the next TABLEWAR innovation to do just that!

The GEO Mats are, most simply, a transparent gaming surface with a pre-printed grid on it. Once more, you can draw on the surface with wet-erase markers or grease pencils and easily erase the marks.

  • Multiple sizes of Square and Hex Grids
  • Multiple sizes of GEO Mats
  • New F.A.T. Mat designs made especially for role play gaming 

 geomat-squaregrids-pledge1.jpg geomat-hexgrids-pledge1.jpg

Here are some previews of some of the special new F.A.T. Mat designs for role playing games:



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